Recycling your Apple Gear

TechRestore Review

As we’ve said before, being a technology recycler involves not only properly disposing of your old equipment, but also repairing and restoring tech gear when possible. TechRestore has been repairing Macs since 1994. So, instead of spending big bucks on a new item, you might want to consider repairing that MacBook, iPhone, iPad, or iPod. can help you out in several ways. You can send in your item for a free repair diagnosis. Their Apple Certified technicians can repair your equipment. If you want to do your own repairs or you have a repair shop or business, you can purchase replacement parts from their website. And, you can download free troubleshooting and repair guides from the site.

TechRestore also does their part in saving the environment by inviting California residents to drop off their old electronic items for recycling at their repair center in Concord, CA. Keeping e-waste out of landfills is part of their program to repair, restore, and recycle.

TechRestore Benefits

How to Get Cash for your Old Electronics at

Buy Back World Review

Founded in 2009 by Andreas Leptourgos and Steven Francess, helps both consumers and businesses by paying cash for old and obsolete electronic items. offers the following benefits for its customers:

  • Fair Price Quotes
  • Quick Payment Times
  • Free Shipping
  • Zero Landfill Policy
  • Privacy Protection/Data Erasure

Utilizing is very easy. You just need to enter the name of your device in the search bar on the home page of their site.
Buy Back World Site

Then you specify the condition of your item and you are given an instant quote. Next, you choose your payment method and enter your shipping information—you’re good to go. You can request a free shipping kit to send in your equipment or have a shipping label emailed to you so you can use your own box and not have to wait for the kit.

BuyBackWorld will inspect your equipment once it’s received. If the condition matches up to what you’ve specified, they will issue payment within 48 hours. has a green friendly, carbon free website. And, they are a BBB accredited business.